Kintamani Besakih Tour

Date 09.02.15 08:00 am , I came to a hotel in Ubud . Because I have an appointment with someone from Italy named Mr. Alberto and his wife . We ‘ll go visit some place that day, after arriving at the hotel I waited about 15 minutes. The first place we visited was a batik in Batu Bulan . There we see the process of making traditional batik . While I show the tools and materials used in the process of making batik . After that we visit the gallery to see the results produced . In this gallery we can buy batik results at an affordable price . After that we headed to Kintamani , precisely Pura Batur . Where there are so many artifacts , other than that the temple is the second largest temple after Besakih . For temple architecture combines two elements, namely Buddhism and Hinduism . 

The second place we visited was Lake Batur. Here we only see the beautiful scenery. Once finished we headed to the temple besaih, but during the journey to the temple besaih we were treated with a beautiful view from the trees to the lake. As we arrived at the temple Besakih we began to explore a part of this temple. ranging from under that dark temple and temple basukihan. After that we headed to the left side of the temple Besakih, until we arrived at the top. Here we can see the sights of Katangese. For our descent through the right side. But for the main area in the middle. with the symbol of the 3 towers (lotus there) located in the middle. 3 tower is meaningless 3 main Hindu gods. After finished we headed to the area for lunch, here we enjoyed lunch with a beautiful view of rice fields. As long as we were in our restaurant we talk about his country. Afther finished our meal our last visit to the place, which is one of the ancient villages in Bali. Penglipuran identical with bamboo, ranging from the temple roof of bamboo, the roof angkul angkul (entrance from bamboo) to a very ancient temple relief. After completion here we return to Ubud. The duration of our trip is 8 to 9 hours.

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