Batur trekking with spa package

Today we will pick one of our customers, he stayed in Seminyak. A few days ago they booked a package to climb Mount Batur and one hour spa. They choose a special package, the car, driver, guide, and a spa treatment for her is special to them. Our customer’s name is Mr. Derrick Hui. They come from Hongkong. We pick them 01.00 am. Once we arrived at the hotel they were named Villa H2O, we immediately headed to Kintamani area. Our journey from Seminyak to kintamani about 2 hours drive. On the way we invite our guests to sleep in order to rest their energy to perform activities when he got in Kintamani later. Promptly at 3:00 am we arrived at Kintamani, precisely at the starting point of the climb. Here all the necessary administration is already included in the package price of their choosing. We also provide breakfast box for them to enjoy when they arrived at the summit, which has an altitude of 1717 m above sea level. Once done with the administration of them we went up to the top, guided by a local guide we provide. The guides have been very professional in their duties. Our journey from the foothills up to the mid approximately 1.5 hours.

The road we traveled was dominated by the rocky road uphill. Arriving in the middle of our rest. Before we get in the mid mountain we stopped for a moment. To perform worship at one of the temples that we passed. After completion of rest in the first post we went on our way to the summit of Mount Batur. And now the road we traveled already very different from the way we previously passed that is by passing through an air sand. From here we could travel with a time of 30 minutes. However, because of the time that we think is still very pretty, we were a little slow our trip, and we got up at about 5:55 am. There we also rested while waiting for the sun rising in the east. I give them the morning meal and drinking water. After waiting 30 minutes the sun was rising. We particularly enjoyed the sight. We enjoyed the sun and above the mountain about 1.5 hours. After that we came down from the mountain top around 8 am. Here we do not go straight down to the foot of the mountain, but stop for a moment to see the crowds flock of wild monkeys that are there. After that we were dropped off, and until around 09.30 am. Then we set off to leave the mountain shelf, leading to the most famous tourist attractions in Bali.

That tegalalang rice terrace. Our trip there passed overlay grapefruit plantation. The duration of about 40 minutes drive from Kintamani to arrive at Tegalalang. After that I went downstairs to explain to Mr. Derrick on rice terrace there. And we also saw the farmers who were harvesting their rice. We were there only about 20 minutes, because both our guests already in a state of very tired. After that we continue our journey to the location of the perennial favorite spa in Ubud. Ie, in the village of Payogan. There we arrived around 10:50 am, and we were among the guests headed to the lobby to fill the reservation form, enjoy a welcome drink, and choose the treatment they want, namely Ubud Royal Massage. Here they enjoy a treatment for 1 hour. Once finished with their activity here, which is approximately at 12:10 pm. We immediately take them to one of the best restaurants in Ubud. They enjoyed their lunch for 1 hour more. And we continued our journey reintroduction into seminyak start at 02.00 pm. After nearly two hours we finally till the Seminyak.

“We would like to thank both our friends who are very outstanding”

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